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Hey, anyone know what's up with Zaq Couture since he graduated (2002)? also Ashley Selover (2003 grad)?
I know Zaq went to Northwestern or something for college, and i saw him when i was working at Wynnsong.  Not sure what's going on now, tho.
Ashley I have not been able to contact since grad.  I recently saw an article online that seemed to indicate she is/was going to DMACC.
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She was dating a prick of a guy, his name is Dick something.

I heard she gained 45 pounds, LMFAO, that I HAFTA SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She started acting like a fucking bitch, so I haven't talked to her in a while. Hopefully I won't ever see her ugly pigface again.

who are you anyway?
hehe, whoever it is, i googled the IP address and it looks like someone has been vandalizing wikipedia from this IP
I haven't seen her since graduation.

I rather miss her. :(
As a matter of fact, Ashley probably hasn't even seen you're clearly uneducated and uninformed post since she is incredibly busy planning a wedding without the big freakin' rock on her finger gettin in her way. . .additionally, she is working as the legal assistant to four high-powered lawyers here in downtown Des Moines and is makin' bank! She hasn't gained any weight, in fact, her wedding dress is going to have to be specially made (which she can afford because of her great job) for her since she is so small . . .AND BUFF!! I see her at the gym sometimes working out too.

So, my advice to you is before you post about anyone, you should do a little fact checking! Especially when you're talking about someone who works for lawyers that could sue your ass for slander and libel!
i'm assuming this is directed at the anonymous post that was nasty to Ashley...cus i dont have anything against her. she's getting married? awesome.



March 12 2008, 22:48:23 UTC 8 years ago

Whoever wrote this is an ignorant chicken shit. Have some balls and come fourth with your name and then we can have a real conversation regarding Ashley, She's a talented beautiful individual. Obviously you've not seen her because she wouldn't associate with the likes of you. Hell you've so uneducated you can't even spell her name correctly. Looks like JHS failed you!!!